Workshops - Summer, Fall 2016

Breath, Dance & Yoga 
A Dynamic Journey to the Self

The date for the next workshop is set! I am happy to announce that Breath, Dance&Yoga
 will take place again this summer, from June 24-26 2016.

This workshop addresses people who are interested in using breath, dance and yoga for self-exploration and unfolding the own potential.

In Holotropic Breathwork, accelerated breathing, evocative music, process-oriented bodywork and intuitive drawing facilitate access to the own inner wisdom. In a non-ordinary state of consciousness, participants can experience and transform topics of their own personal history or birth and actualize transpersonal interconnections. Inner spaces are opened in which healing can take place. 

Dancing Meditations allow participants to express their individual experiences on the dancefloor. Guided by music and specific instructions, participants will be given space to feel the process of this weekend's journey also in their bodies and let it flow into their own dances.  

The Yoga sessions are held before the breathwork and will support the process of grounding the participants and gently opening the body. As we move in consciousness, we feel centered and present in our bodies and become aware of the flow of our own life energy. 

Date: Friday, June 24 (13:00) – Sunday, June 26 (approx. 18:00)  Participation Costs: regular price €210,– early bird special € 180,– until June 01st 2016
Location: Seminarhaus AHOM, 3001 Mauerbach (close to Vienna) -
Registration & Contact: norbert.koppensteiner(at) 
Accommodation (if required): 

Norbert Koppensteiner is a peace researcher and facilitator with emphasis on breath and dance and more than a decade of experience in accompanying group processes.
Karin Michalek is a peace researcher and facilitator in holotropic breathwork (Walch, Grof certified), PiA
Marion Knotzer teaches Yoga and dance since several years and offers retreats nationally and internationally.

The Art of Elicitive Conflict Mapping

Introducing the approach of Elicitive Conflict Mapping this workshop brings together the transrational peace philosophy with elicitive conflict transformation and provides concrete tools and practices for conflict work. It is offered exclusively for alumni of the Innsbruck MA Program for Peace Studies who have already completed all their semesters of coursework. 

Elicitive conflict mapping (ECM) is based on the fundamental principle that elicitive transformation does not develop or offer ready-made content solutions for the episode of the conflict, but creates a safe space for the parties to work on the necessary changes in their relations, find orientation and recognize new and concrete courses of action in order to address the conflict epicenter. In this context, ECM appears as a crucial instrument that helps peace workers – including students, researchers, facilitators and trainers – to orient themselves in the complex reality of the conflict. ECM is not a classical mapping tool, but is closer to mind mapping, which makes both the process of mapping and the results useful for practical application in the analysis of the conflict landscape of themes, levels and layers. Moreover, ECM has as one of its main purposes to support the conflict process of choosing an appropriate tool for facilitation. Whenever there is a peace intervention, elicitive conflict workers turn into agents of change within the conflict system itself, with the inevitable consequence that they, too, will be transformed. 

During the workshop participants will gain a conceptual understanding of the layers, levels and principles of ECM. To refine their profile as peace worker, facilitators and catalysts, participants will furthermore work experientially with selected breath- voice- and movement-oriented practices for conflict transformation. This workshop deepens many of the aspects taught at the program and offers an advanced training for alumni. 

Date: Thursday, October 07th (17:00) to Monday October 11th 2016 (approx. 17:00)
Participation Costs: € 385.- (including accommodation and meals)
Location: Grillhof Seminar Center, Grillhofweg 100, 6080 Vill/Igls
Facilitators: Josefina Echavarría, Norbert Koppensteiner
Registration: norbert.koppensteiner(at)