I am working on a new research project focusing on transrational methods of Peace Research and elicitive facilitation within Peace Studies. I furthermore currently coordinate the team of the Unit for Peace and Conflict Studies in the frame of an APPEAR funded capacity-building project in cooperation with Haramaya University, Ethiopia. 

Recently concluded projects include co-editorial work on the Palgrave International Handbook of Peace Studies as well as on the edited collection Transrational Resonances

My book The Art of the Transpersonal Self. Transformation as Aesthetic and Energetic Practice is available in print.

Research interests include:
* Energetic, Moral, Modern, Postmodern and Transrational Peaces;
* Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology;
* Elicitive Conflict Transformation; 
* Transrational Research Methods;
* Embodied Practices of Transformation, particularly breath,- voice,- and movement-oriented approaches;
* (Five Rhythms) Dance;
* Holotropic Breathwork;
* Postmodern Theory and Philosophy.