I am currently working on a new research project focusing on embodied practices of transformation and facilitation within Peace Studies.

Recently concluded projects include the English translation of Wolfgang Dietrich's  Variationen ├╝ber die vielen Frieden (Interpretations of Peace in History and Culture) and co-editorial work on the Palgrave International Handbook of Peace Studies. A Cultural Perspective.

My book The Art of the Transpersonal Self. Transformation as Aesthetic and Energetic Practice is available in print.

Research interests include:
* Energetic, Moral, Modern, Postmodern and Transrational Peaces;
* Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology;
* Embodied Practices of Transformation: Holotropic Breathwork, Five Rhythms Dance,
   Theatre of the Oppressed, Systemic Constellations;
* Elicitive Conflict Transformation;
* Transrational Research Methods;
* Postmodern Theory and Philosophy.